Private Ash Grave Estate - Durbanville Memorial Park
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Private Ash Grave Estate

Private Ash Grave Estate

A private ash garden estate (PAGE) is made up of a number of private memorial ash graves placed in various configurations.

Currently we offer a three (PAGE003) or five (PAGE005) ash grave estate. These are built in limited numbers and small groups per burial block in order to retain the exclusivity of this level of product.

The owner of an private ash garden estate (PAGE) is entitled to the following:

  • to place ornamental features in the centre of the ash estate up to a total height of 0.5m above the estate.
  • to landscape the inside of the estate to his choice with prior park approval. The owner needs to ensure that he/she maintains the landscaping and/or all other features within estate. Such maintenance service can be arranged thru the park administration at a service charge.