Lawn Graves - Durbanville Memorial Park
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Lawn Graves

Lawn Graves

The majority of the park is designed to cater for lawn graves. Our lawn grave is a traditional earth grave within our lawn burial blocks.

  • Traditional upright headstones are substituted by smaller, rectangular granite tombstones that are laid flat in the grass at the head of a grave. The flat lying tombstones enable us to maintain a park look and feel and ease of maintenance.
  • In ground sleeves at the head of the grave provide secure fixing of our standard vases.
  • Only trinkets permitted that can securely be placed on the tombstone, so that they do not impede lawn maintenance and prevent being damaged. DMP cannot be held liable for loss or damage to personal trinkets or other ornaments placed on the grave.


We currently offer 4 main types of lawn grave products:

  • A single lawn grave (LG001) for one interment prepared at the time of burial. Single lawn graves are however limited in quantities.
  • A double lawn grave (LG002) for a double interment (stacked) prepared at the time of burial requirement.
  • A child lawn grave (LG003) is equivalent to a single lawn grave but smaller in size and limited to coffin sizesĀ of 1.2m in length.
  • A combo lawn grave (LG007) for a single burial interment and two ash interments (stacked) prepared at the time of burial.